Pour Souls CHICAGO is a one-stop shop for any and all things “mixology.”

We facilitate openings for restaurateurs ready to bring their beverage programs to the next level, we teach a series of hands on mixology classes, we host pop-up events and happy hours that are anything but the norm, and we plan and execute cocktail menus at any scale.

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Tim Williams

Always striving to be a student himself, Tim started Pour Souls in 2012 to educate people about cocktails and have fun with them. He's taught numerous classes to the public in addition to developing staff training and opening programs for restaurants and bars. He regularly consults with local restaurants and bars on brand relationship management, cost control and menu development. 

Born and raised in Chicago, Tim Williams started working in the hospitality industry as he studied at DePaul University, first as a doorman then a barback and finally a bartender. He eventually worked his way up to design the cocktail program at Province with additional bartending stints at Mr. Brown's Lounge and Japonais.

More recently, he has opened Merchant, La Luna, managed with Four Corners restaurant group and continues to execute on his passion of bringing good drinks and good hospitality everywhere he goes.